2. Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Amid growing environmental consciousness around the world, MC has established an environmental charter as part of its philosophy and has formulated an environmental policy based on this charter. MC also works to solve environmental issues in its everyday operations by such means as recommending taking the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test) as a way of helping to deepen understanding of environmental issues.

Environmental Charter

At MC Foods Ltd., we recognize the Earth as our greatest stakeholder and strive to make sustainable society a reality through our business activities.

  • We will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by continually implementing new efficiency measures and embracing new technologies.
  • We will promote the sustainable use of natural resources including energy, minerals, food stocks and water throughout our global business operations.
  • We recognize the critical importance of what ecosystems can provide and are committed to protecting ecosystems and mitigating any potential impacts on biodiversity.
  • We will strive to create and enhance environmental benefits by undertaking conservation activities and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • We will continue to actively engage and work with our various stakeholders openly and transparently and disclose information on the environmental impacts of our business operations in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • We will conduct all of our activities in compliance with environmental laws while adhering to international rules and social standards.

February 1, 2014

Environmental Guidelines

Set forth below are the "Environmental Guidelines" of MC Foods Ltd., which are based on the Environmental Charter. Through these guidelines, we strive to make sustainable society a reality while we endeavor to conserve the global environment through our business activities.

1. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations, etc.

We obey the laws, regulations and ordinances related to the environment and comply with all environmental requirements to which we have agreed.

2. Efforts to improve the environment

(1) We endeavor to reduce greenhouse gasses to redress climate change.
(2) We endeavor to be more efficient in our use of resources and energy.
(3) We recognize the importance of biodiversity and pay attention to impacts on the natural environment.

3. Dissemination and public disclosure of the environmental guidelines

We take all necessary efforts to disseminate these environmental guidelines to all members of the company and promote education and dissemination activities that will allow all members to be able to understand and put into practice these guidelines. We also publicly disclose these environmental guidelines.

February 1, 2014