2. Sustainability


In establishing supply chain management guidelines,

We, MC Foods Limited, following the Three Corporate Principles, as a one-stop provider of beverages and discretionary items, aim to contribute to the happiness of people and realization of an affluent society. We do believe that promoting sustainability is the very realization of our corporate philosophy and mission.

MC Foods defines "people (stakeholders)" include not only producers and consumers, but all the animals and plants that inhabit on the planet, and we believe that the realization of an affluent society will lead to the protection of the earth where we live.

We have established our procurement policy for supply chain management guideline, which outlines our actions to address human rights, labor rights and environmental issues in addition to complying with laws and regulations. We hereby declare that we will make our utmost efforts to realize a sustainable society.

President and CEO
MC Foods Limited

MCF Supply Chain Management Guidelines