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Confectionery and Dairy products

Luxury time for sharing happy moments with someone special. Sweet desserts will boost such happy feelings. We have delicious and quality sweets made available from around the world.

Respecting the deliciousness and quality of sweets

We can safely say that Japan has become the leading country in the sweets market for its rich variety, beauty of form and delicateness of taste. French pastry terms such as "pâtissier" and "chocolatier" have taken root widely in Japan, and now such artisanal works with strong passion have finally established another Japan culture.

What contributes to and supports the excellence of sweets should always be the basic ingredients for sure. MC FOODS seeks natural and unique food materials from around the world, and provides only those ingredients which have met our strict quality standards to our all valued customers.

One of our advantages is that our exclusive technical advisor answers questions about products and gives ideas for recipes at customers' requests. We are willing to assist you with a "friendly approach" and together pursue the joy of innovation.

Our product line


The Rhône-Alpes region in France is famous for fertile land and for high-quality fruits. Ravifruit has been engaged in developing a variety of processed fruit products based on the policy of providing the natural taste of fruits over 30 years thanks to our long experience and know-how.

In order to always offer the essential values, each fruit needs to be selected and harvested at a degree of ripeness that conforms to the high standard of Ravifruit, which is highly appreciated by fans all over the world.

What is Ravifruit?(Japanese site)

Côté Saveurs

Côté Saveurs is another brand of frozen fruit purees handled by Ravifruit. It's especially appealing thanks to a combination of excellent flavors and good cost performance.

Introduction to Côté Saveurs-brand products(Japanese)

El Rey-brand chocolate

Founded in 1929 in Caracas, Chocolates El Rey is specialized in manufacturing chocolates with 100% Venezuelan fine flavor cacao. As a pioneer of single origin chocolate, they have sought to improve, not only the chocolate, but the cacao trade in Venezuela by paying the farmers above the market price for their beans. They work with small and large cacao farmers, with a focus always on using the fine flavor Venezuelan beans that make them proud and their chocolate delicious.

El Rey-brand chocolate products(Japanese)

Our raisin product line

  • Sun-Maid raisins (California-grown)
  • Sultana raisins (produced in Turkey)

About Sun-Maid
Since the foundation in 1912, Sun-Maid has been offering California-grown high-quality raisins to consumers and customers all over the world.

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