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Tea products

A cup of delicious tea, which we make under a responsible production system as a food manufacturer, bring comfort and relaxation to customers.

We have all sorts of tea products made available to meet the needs of customers.

Our tea business started with Japan Black Tea Co., Ltd. which was established in 1917 as the first tea manufacturing company in Japan.

We have established a supply system for green tea, black tea and Chinese tea products by our tea experts mainly stationed in Shizuoka the place where we started the business as Japan Black Tea Co., Ltd., as well as grain tea products of our partner suppliers.

Product features

Deep-steamed green tea of Asahi Chagyo

Japan Black Tea predecessor Asahi Chagyo, started actively working on the development and spread of deep-steamed green tea in around 1960.
Deep-steamed green tea products, which have become the mainstream in the green tea industry, are Asahi Chagyo's forte. We can make available raw materials for tea from various producing areas such as Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Mie, in addition to Shizuoka.

Our quality control

We have quality control staff in Shizuoka who have a fulfilling experience, skill and knowledge about tea cultivation all the way up to tea production at our end, and only products that meet our strict quality standards are made available to our customers.

Global procurement networks of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group

We directly import raw materials for tea from major black tea producing countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and Indonesia, as well as suppliers of Chinese teas such as oolong tea and jasmine tea, with cooperation from Mitsubishi Corporation. We have thus established a system for stable supply of raw materials for tea that meet the quality requirement in the Japanese market.

Capabilities to make proposals from extensive product line

Our experienced tea experts will make appropriate proposals to meet demand from our extensive line of raw materials for tea.

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